Wood Engraved Hermetic Tarot Deck

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This is the original Hermetic Tarot Deck by Godfrey Dowson reimagined.

The incredible artistic brilliance of Godfrey Dowson has been digitally perfected and laser engraved on wood in glorious detail.

This deck is available as a major arcana (22) cards or full deck (78).

Each card is approximately 4.5 inches x 2.25 inches.

Each deck comes with its own wooden tarot box to store your cards in!

We offer the deck in two different choices of wood – Baltic Birch or Alder. The Baltic Birch is 1/8 inch thick and the Alder is 1/16 inch thick.

We also offer customization on the back of each card – text and/or a basic black and white vector image (the image must be provided by the purchaser, or we can design a custom image at an additional cost).

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The Hermetic Tarot Deck is based upon the workings of the Golden Dawn during the 19th century. The Hermetic Tarot Deck emphasizes the Golden Dawn’s astrological attributes through sephirotic, angelic, geomantic, numerical and Qabalistic elements.

The history of the Hermetic Tarot Deck is interesting:

There was a revival of magic and occultism in the 19th century Europe, combining Western magic and Jewish esotericism, inspiring the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Hermetic Qabalah was developed extensively by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Within the Golden Dawn, the fusing of Qabalistic principles such as the ten Sephiroth with Greek and Egyptian deities was made more cohesive and was extended to encompass other systems such as the Enochian system of angelic magic of John Dee and certain Eastern (particularly Hindu and Buddhist) concepts, all within the structure of a Masonic or Rosicrucian style esoteric order.

Samuel Liddell (or Liddel) MacGregor Mathers was one of the founding members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn creating an early version of this tarot deck – which was not passed on. Early members were encouraged to create their own version or iteration of this deck, eventually leading to the creation of the Hermetic Deck by Godfrey Dowson.

Pamela Colman Smith – the co-creator of the Rider-Waite Deck was also a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn down the road.




Wood Type

Baltic Birch (1/8"), Alder (1/16)

Tarot Arcana

Major Arcana (22 Cards), Major & Minor Arcanas (78 Cards)

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Based in Denver, LumEngrave is a full service laser engraving shop specializing in creative and artistic woodworking. Our speciality is glassware engraving, tarot cards, natal & star charts, bookmarks, coasters, and everything in between.

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