Skirt Steak 1lb

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Fresh Marketplace Style Beef. Cut and paper wrapped for the freshest, provincial experience.

Cut from the flank (belly) the Skirt Steak is very similar to a Flank Steak. This is a great cut for Stir Fry as well. Other recommendations would be Stroganoff, Mongolian Beef, and Fajitas!

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NaturALL Beef Company prides itself in providing top quality beef at an affordable price. What is unique about NaturALL Beef Company? All of our certified black angus natural beef is raised under one operation from the ranch to your plate. Every single head of cattle is treated humanely with top of the line care from, birth on up, which reduces stress on the animal and, in turn, provides our customers with beef that has superior flavor, tenderness, and the assurance of premium, hormone and antibiotic free beef.”

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1 review for Skirt Steak 1lb

  1. Meghan Sobota (verified owner)

    We don’t normally eat much steak, but we ordered more of this after our first order! Delicious meat. We cook ours in a sous vide, and it is perfect.

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