Radish Microgreens


Need a quick cleanse? A dose of radish micros sets you on the right path. Radish micros help your liver function more efficiently and are highest in vitamin E compared to adult radishes and other microgreens. They also contain lignans, enhancing the activity of macrophages (cells that attack our bodies’ foreign invaders).

Spicy like wasabi and horseradish, this fiery microgreen pairs well with fish and meat dishes. Non-GMO, from certified organic seeds, GAP certified by USDA, and locally-grown in Bennett, CO


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Wash before eating. Keep refrigerated.

Weight 4 oz

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Established by childhood friends and business partners Roberto Meza and Dave Demerling, Emerald Gardens’ mission is to develop an accessible and sustainable local food system by harvesting the finest sustainably-grown microgreens year-round using passive solar energy. We nourish and cultivate our community with a focus on environmental stewardship, food justice advocacy, and public workshops and other events. Join our efforts to transform our community through fresh food!

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