Above Prime Boneless Chuck Roast by Snow Creek Ranch


Abundantly marbled, richly flavored, and wonderfully tender!

Our Above Prime Chuck Roast is the perfect choice for a comforting family meal of traditional pot roast, spicy Texas-style chili, or amazing pulled beef sandwiches. It’s the ultimate family comfort food!

Each huge roast is over 3.5 lbs!

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Snow Creek Ranch Beef is the most mind-blowing Black Angus available. Our unique Flax Finishing program packs your steak with the same healthy fats found in salmon and helps produce our signature “snowflake” marbling. 21 days of dry-aging produces amazingly tender beef, that’s easy to digest, and doesn’t shrink on the grill!

Experience ABOVE PRIME beef for yourself… Order some today!

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For three generations, Snow Creek Ranch has been raising and selling the most delicious Black Angus beef available. Pasture-raised on prairie grasses and finished with our signature flax blend, every cow is treated with love and respect, with no hormones, steroids, or unnecessary antibiotics.

We treat our animals so well, Grandma kisses every cow, and you can taste that care in every bite. Incredible marbling, 21 days of dry-aging, and Grandma’s love add up to produce ABOVE PRIME Black Angus Beef! It’s more tender, more abundantly marbled, and packed with more mouth-watering flavor than any steak you’ll find in a grocery store – and even at most steakhouses!

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