House Rules

House Rules for Sellers

These terms are part of the agreement and Seller has with Edible Market as detailed in the Terms of Use.  By listing on our site, you agree to primary Terms, and to these “House Rules” as well.  Failure to comply with these rules may result in termination of your listing on Edible Market.  If terminated, all funds still owing to you will be paid, less any fines, fees, or other various deductions, within 30 days of termination, unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

Fees – New sellers have a one-time $40 initial join fee which includes setting up your page and an initial 8 products (we can add more later for no additional charge). Sellers will be required to pay a $13.99 monthly fee to maintain their custom storefront on the site.  It is anticipated that this fee will begin starting May 1, 2021, but that date is subject to change.  The current monthly fee is $1 per month.  Additionally, there is a fee of 25% of weekly gross sales to cover costs including merchant fees, sales tax reporting, marketing, printing, warehouse, collators, delivery drivers, boxes, bags, ice packs, etc.

Drop off of Product – You must drop your product off at designated location (ie warehouse, farm) at the allotted time period, which will change from time to time (we are doing our best to create a time period that works for everyone).  Failure to drop product will result in either a $10 per product fine if arrangements are not made to get product to customers; OR a $20 per hour late fee if we have to maintain “employees” that have to wait on you past the drop off time.  While Edible Market currently has only one drop off day and one delivery day, that is anticipated to change to multiple days in the near future.  Edible Market does not guarantee extended drop off times for any seller, and the same is subject to availability.

Failure to Bring Items to Drop Off – If any seller fails to bring all items during the dropoff time, a fee of $10 per item will be charged for each missing item.  This fee will be split between Edible Market and a coupon to the customer whose order was negatively impacted.  It is important to maximize customer service, and a failure to fulfill customers’ orders hurts your business AND Edible Market.  Forgetting items or failing to fulfill orders completely is the easiest way to lose hard earned customers.  To help avoid this issue, inquire with Edible Market about “Inventory Control” features on the website.  

Labeling of Items – Sellers must label all products with the correlating customer order number.  Failure to properly label products with customer order numbers will require our “employees” to label the products, resulting in a $0.20 per item charge to the seller.  Such amount covers Edible Market costs to label the products.

Storage – Sellers may also be able to store products with a mutually agreed upon “Storage Agreement” with Edible Market.  Edible will not be responsible for any products stored at any of its facilities.

Change In Listed Items – Seller must notify Edible Market at least 48 hours prior to any changes being made on the website.  If, for example, you are changing your available items on the site, Edible Market has at least 48 hours to implement those changes on your Seller page.  If, prior to those changes being implemented, a customer has purchased items from Seller, Seller must fulfill those orders.  It is recommended that any changes to Seller inventory be made at least 48 hours prior to the beginning of a new “Selling Week.”  The current Selling Week is from Friday to Thursday every week, with deliveries being made the Saturday after the Thursday, and dropoff the Friday after the Thursday Customer Order Deadline.  

Customer Refunds – If Edible Market deems any Customer Refund appropriate, Seller will not be paid for any portion of that sale, and will not be required to pay any amounts due and owing to Edible Market for the sale of that item or items.  Common reasons for refunds include: missing items, unsuitability of items, etc. 

Documentation – We expect you to fill out and return our product/item spreadsheet,  send images (in-focus, polished), and logo in a timely manner so that we may list your products. We also expect you to provide your current business liability insurance and all paperwork for the health department (for prepared food).

Commitment – “All boats rise together” – We expect you to be marketing your business as well as Edible Market. We need each and every vendor to help spread the word of our services to make this a success.  We host Zoom meetings when we have topics to discuss with our vendors. We expect you to attend those when possible (we also record the meetings).

**If there is any conflict between the “House Rules” and the “Terms of Use,” the “House Rules” control.

***These “House Rules” may be updated from time to time.  Sellers will be given at least 48 hours notice prior to any changes taking effect.  Sellers use of the Edible Market Platform at any time after rules take effect constitutes your (Seller’s) acceptance of, and/or consent to the changes.

not part of the House Rules

What you can expect from us:

Marketing- we spend time each week promoting the online market and highlight individual vendors in turn.

Accuracy- we will list your products and send you a link to view before publishing. We will not list anything you do not approve of.

Collating – we handle all of the delivery and pick up items. Once you drop off your items, we spend hours collating everything between pickup points and managing delivery.

Communication- we send daily notifications of products that have sold. Weekly spreadsheets are sent out early Friday morning with all items sold for the week and with order numbers for you to use.

Prompt Payment- we will send you an invitation to our accounting system which allows you to receive direct deposits.  We will send payment by Friday following the Saturday delivery/pickup to allow time to process customer inquiries and refunds.